Free ComicBook Day

Release Date: 25/04/2020



The ultimate FCBD title featuring two very unique stories that readers of all ages will love and get excited for. The first is a look at bestselling author Lucy Knisely's upcoming graphic novel Stepping Stones, which tells the story of a young girl named Jen dealing with drastic change when her mother and her mother's new boyfriend move her out of the city and onto a farm. What comes next is dealing with the loss of her previous family life, and learning to embrace a new one including the addition of two (almost) step-sisters. The issue will also feature new exclusive content from Lincoln Pierce's beloved and acclaimed Max and The MidKnights, a series about friendship and adventure, centering on Max who dreams of becoming a knight! The next book in the series is set to release in Fall 2020.
Rating: All-Ages

Stepping Stones - FCBD 2020

SKU: JAN200039